Biozone Manufacturing

We’re specialists in Harnessing Nature’s Technology
Ozone and Bioremediation  

Leaders in ozone, sanitising, disinfection and deodorising technologies. Ozone gas replaces traditional chlorine and heat or steam disinfection methods

We effectively clean and sanitise water and air the way nature intended, by enabling technology using Ozone gas to remove smells, bacteria and viruses without using harmful chemicals.

Safe, healthy air

Ozone gas kills all airborne pathogens such as flu, TB and even Covid-19.

Water treatment

Use ozone to kill bacteria and viruses, remove iron, manganese and tannins and deodorises and oxygenate water.

Sanitise, sterilise, deodorise, germicide

Rinse or dose packaging, surfaces, floors, fresh food, containers, vacant areas.

The benefits of using Ozone to sanitise and sterilise

Ozone works quicker and is stronger than chlorine

Returns quickly to oxygen leaving no harmful residues

Ozone gas is germicidal and antibacterial

Ozone kills germs, viruses and bacteria

Ozone can consistently maintain germ free air

Harness the "Power of Ozone" to provide disinfection & oxidation solutions

Pools & spas

Keep water germ free

Smoke & odour control

Maintain pleasant smelling air

Bottled water plants

Rinse to sanitise and deodorise

Food Storage & Transport

Sanitise, sterilise and deodorise

Home & office

For the treatment of indoor air and water

Restaurants & hotels

To maintain germ free air

Water & sewage treatment

To treat contaminated water

Toilets & washrooms

For hygiene & odour control

Smoke rooms & fires

Remove unwanted smells


For air pollution & odours

Recycle waste water plants

To process water

Hospitals & health

For hygiene control

Sewage treatment

To recycle and reuse

Factory CIP & antibacterial rinse

Easy cleaning with ozone

Packhouse & cold room

Use ozone for disinfection

Industrial hygiene, disinfection, oxidation odour solutions

CIP, antibacterial rinse, oxidation metals, & deodorise, treat raw water & recycle factory used water

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