Biozone Manufacturing



The Biozone team provides the finest service for the design and implementation of air and water purification using ozone and effluent ozone and UV treatment. Using Technology to enable the natural purification and sanitation procedures, without harmful chemicals. Through various strategic partnerships, Biozone can secure the best process engineers for a complete design. Simultaneously, the Biozone business team uses creative and well-defined management methodologies to ensure well-defined business and project objectives, strategies and risks.

Disinfection, sanitising and deodorisation of contaminants in water and air without harmful chemicals

Direct and safe decontamination of surfaces and unoccupied areas

The prevention of moulds, funguses, bacterias, viruses and ethylene in fresh-food storage and transport

Continuous, healthy indoor air quality systems

Industry can replace heat or steam treatment, industrial noxious gases and waste effluent with ozone and save electricity and labour while protecting the environment.

The world has recognised that there are limited resources available for an ever-increasing population, and our consumption levels are beyond what is sustainable.

The response to urgently curb and reduce the harmful by-products of industry, as well as maintain healthy lifestyles, has provided a platform for Biozone Manufacturing to offer experience-based, chemical reduced and environmentally friendly solutions.

Harness Natures Technology, to save on costs, build a more sustainable business and make a difference to your carbon footprint. Biozone manufacturing has invested heavily in testing, developing and sourcing the best combination of components and equipment since 1997. Along with the practical experience acquired from installing and operating ozone and oxygen equipment in a wide range of applications, Biozone has a proven track record in the delivery of technology that effectively purifies air, water and effluent to the highest standards and safety levels.

Global water treatment plants have already upgraded their infrastructure to include ozone for the use of disinfection to replace the use of harmful of chlorine. The use of ozone is just as effective for oxidation of harmful material such as iron and manganese, a common result of industrialisation.   All of this is achieved with no residual damage to the environment.



To be the preferred supplier of air, water and effluent disinfection, purification, sanitising and decontamination technologies to service the industrial, mining, leisure, healthcare and hospitality markets in South Africa. This will be achieved through the provision of superior products, expertise, service and delivery at a sustainable cost to a loyal customer base.


To improve the environment, health and well-being of the nation by applying effective ozone oxidising solutions for water, air and waste treatment at a sustainable cost. This will be achieved in a manner that promotes safe and effective water recycling solutions and the elimination of harmful chemicals and bacteria in the air we breathe, as well as in the foods we consume.


To be the foremost supplier in Southern Africa of ozone, UV and related products principally for:

●  Disinfection and mineral oxidation in the water and wastewater industry
●  Deodorising techniques for air and domestic water
●  Indoor air purification

Our value proposition includes complicity with all relevant health, safety and environmental regulations. This is supported by the fact that the use of ozone and UV are already well known and established technologies throughout the world. Many of our products are manufactured in-house in Gauteng under strict quality control procedures, ensuring availability and modification to suit any client needs. Biozone is unique in its ability to provide products in the form of a lease or rental agreement. This has numerous financial and operational benefits for the client, some of which include no capital outlay in obtaining the equipment, a tax-deductible operational cost and a hassle-free service and maintenance agreement. The client can then remain focussed on their core business, while allowing the leaders in the field of ozone and UV generating equipment, supply and manage their solution.


Used in effluent and wastewater treatment

Used in air treatment

Used in water treatment

Biozone services three distinct markets

Office and domestic health




Most experienced in Africa

Offer proven technology

Experienced and driven team

Solid European technological and engineering support for large-scale projects

Internationally trained technicians.

Provision of disinfection and oxidation solutions; not merely a product

Reliable customer servicing teams

Biozone Pty Ltd has Level 2 B-BBEE Status

Financial options ensure more than just an operational value proposition, but also a financial value add


Provide superior performance at viable costs, while reducing environmental impact.

Industries and applications

Oxidise iron and/or manganese in water

Borehole, river or dam water

Disinfect water without chlorine

Wine and water bottle filling plants, factory water, pharmaceutical, koi ponds, aquariums.

Decontaminate with ozone gas

Schools, offices, factory spaces, containers, mortuaries, buses, taxis, trains and trucks.

Use ozone instead of chlorine

Spas, beauty salons and swimming pools.

Fungus, mould, bacteria ethylene control

Cold rooms, transportation and storage.

Wash / rinse / spray with chemical free germicidal water

Fruit, vegetables, meat, surfaces, CIP, bottles and packaging.

Maintain germ and virus free indoor air

Washrooms, toilets, call centres, offices, factory work spaces.

Replace chemicals with ozone

Hotel rooms, smoking, garbage and refuse areas, lift wells, mortuaries, fat rendering plants/sites, public transit.

Treatment and recycle waste and process water for reuse

Factory, sewage treatment plants, waste water

Remove unwanted smells

Hotel rooms, smoking, garbage and refuse areas, lift wells, mortuaries, fat rendering plants/sites, public transit.