Biozone Manufacturing

Aquazone Ozone BioBubbler Water Tank Disinfection

DIY Ozone Water Tank Disinfection


Ozone is a gas that when introduced to water with iron or bacterial contaminants the ozone will, at the correct dosage, eliminate these by oxidation.

Tank water bubble treatment and purification
Freshen stale water
E.Coli and other bacteria elimination
Iron, manganese and tannin oxidation
Container or room disinfection or deodorisation
Air conditioning ducting mould removal and prevention
Vehicle deodorising ( cigarette smoke)
Hotel room smoke smell removal
Drainage or Garbage areas deodorising
Freshen stale or musty rooms
Field or laboratory trials
Cold room purify air maintenance.
Stored fresh food extend shelf life.
Rinsing of fresh food in ozonated water ( kill surface bacteria and extend shelf life)

The Aquazone BioBubbler system is an easy to install method for any homeowner requiring disinfected water from rain harvesting

Aquazone BioBubbler
  • Water tank Storage and Treatment
  • Rain Water requiring disinfection
  • Smelly Grey Water
  • Brown and brackish borehole water
  • E.Coli infected river or dam water


    • Air pump 60 litres per minute
    • 1 gram ozone per hour stainless steel resilient ozone module
    • Air cooling system
    • 24 hour timer with battery backup
    • 4 metres ozone resistant silicone tubing ( ozone delivery pipe
    • 100 mm air diffuser stone ( ozone friendly)

    Optional: Silica gel Air drier for humid or wet areas


    • Bubble ozone gas in to water through a diffuser stone
    • To aerate and freshen stale water
    • Kill e coli and other bacteria continuously
    • Oxidise iron, manganese and tannins
    • Oxidise Hydrogen sulphide ( H2S)
    • Remove smells.