Biozone Manufacturing

Aquazone BioBubbler System

The non Waterproof kit design consists of a wall mounted ozone generator which will deliver ozone gas through a 4 metre pipe connected to an airstone which will hang in the tank under the water feed. A timer allows time adjustment throughout the day for setting to suit the clients needs. 

(Ozone is a gas that when introduced to water with iron or bacterial contaminants the ozone will, at the correct dosage, eliminate these by oxidation)

Waterproof version for outside installation


  • Tank water bubble treatment and purification 
  • Freshen stale water 
  • E.Coli and other bacteria elimination 
  • Iron, manganese and tannin oxidation 
  • Container or room disinfection or deodorisation 
  • Air conditioning ducting mould removal and prevention 
  • Vehicle deodorising ( cigarette smoke) 
  • Hotel room smoke smell removal 
  • Drainage or Garbage areas deodorising 
  • Freshen stale or musty rooms 
  • Field or laboratory trials 
  • Cold room purify air maintenance. 
  • Stored fresh food extend shelf life. 
  • Rinsing of fresh food in ozonated water ( kill surface bacteria and extend shelf life)