Biozone Manufacturing

Bioremediation cleaning up our natural resources

Bioremediation is a natural purification process of using good bacteria to repair and maintain polluted areas.


With all the convenience we have in our modern world, there is the dirty business of waste.


It’s time to look at a more stainable BioSolutions to address key issues in wastewater treatment, pollution remediation, agriculture and aquaculture.


The BioZone team have the solutions and knowledge to change our future.

We’re referring to sewage and wastewater.

Imagine having an odour free and effective pit latrine. This may seem impossible if you have attended a concert, a rural school or remote location.

Biozone has introduced Bio-Remedial system for a healthy environment and keeping things pure to avoid illness and viruses. By harnessing natures technology, our solutions can change the way we think of waste.

The experts at Biozone can implement bio-remedial technology to treat sewage naturally leaving no odours.

By professionally and meticulously adding specific bacteria and methods to incorporate the dosing of these in to:

  • Pit toilets
  • Sewage treatment systems above or below ground
  • Specifically designed flush toilets using recycled sewage water 
  • Cleaning up chemical spills  
  • Fuel treatment systems 
  • The effective rehabilitation of polluted dams and soils for agriculture 

Biozone is passionate about introducing these unique natural bioremediation techniques

to service and save all water from the source to recycling for maximum benefit.  

These are the sectors that can make a substantiable difference to our wastewater.

Municipal solutions

Industrial solutions

Environmental and Open Water sources

Aquaculture and Agriculture

Nano Aeration technology

Cleaning up dams

Purifying water

Recycling water

Keeping production sustainable

Clean up dams and open water sources

Ensuring water is pure for live to survive

Nano Aeration offers a 95% oxygen transfer solution

Bioremediation is a process that uses mainly microorganisms, plants, or microbial or plant enzymes to detoxify contaminants in the soil and other environments. Let us help you harness Natures technology to change your future.


A recent project, using no harmful chemicals, the Biozone team managed to organically clean up the Dam with 67ha, using ozone and specific bacteria and enzymes to clean up the waste and purify the water.

The benefits of Bioremediation:

  • Using oxygen and ozone solutions to purify water
  • Implement sustainable solutions for long term benefits
  • Save money in recycling water
  • Reduce the use of harmful expensive chemicals