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Disinfection, Sanitisation, Sterilisation and oxidation of air and water - The way Nature intended

Biozone offers an all-encompassing disinfection, sanitisation, sterilisation and oxidation solution

Purify Water

Kill airborne pathogens

Nuke surface mould, viruses and bacteria

Oxidise contaminants

The Biozone umbrella brand provides a complete chemical-free sterilisation, disinfection, sanitisation and oxidation solution for the likes of municipalities, industries, factories, hospitality companies, medical institutions, homes and offices – wherever clean water, air, and surfaces are essential. A strategic combination of quality ozone generators and associated technologies used to clean surfaces, effluent, water, fresh food and air is put together according to client-specific needs.

Biozone offers factories, abattoirs, hotels, hospitals, office blocks and department stores:

Biozone products in action

The world has recognised that there are limited resources available for an ever-increasing population, and our consumption levels are beyond what is sustainable. The response to urgently curb and reduce the harmful by-products of industry, as well as maintain healthy lifestyles, has provided a platform for Biozone to offer experience-based solutions.

Biozone uses both Airzone and Aquazone products to bring you disinfection, sanitisation, sterilisation and oxidation solutions for your environment.​



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Since 1997, Biozone has invested in testing, developing and sourcing the best combination of components and equipment.

Along with the practical experience acquired from installing and operating ozone and UV equipment in a wide range of applications, Biozone now has enviable expertise. It also has a proven track record in the delivery of technology that effectively purifies surfaces, effluent, air and water to the highest standards and safety levels, with no residual damage to the environment. Biozone has built up a loyal list of large public and private sector clients who have benefited from its expertise in small and large projects throughout Africa.

The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your sanitation and disinfection needs.

The Biozone team

The Biozone team provides the finest service for the design and implementation of surface, effluent, air and water ozone and UV treatment, purification and sanitation procedures. Through various strategic partnerships, Biozone can secure the best process engineers for a complete design. Simultaneously, the Biozone business team uses creative and well-defined management methodologies to ensure well-defined business and project objectives, strategies and risks.

The Biozone team’s personalised approach to each unique situation makes it a perfect solution for industry and small-scale projects. In addition, Biozone’s solid experience, maturity and flexible approach to market demands and conditions enable our corporate clients to penetrate new market segments and gain competitive advantages.

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