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bringing clean water to Africa!

The Biozone team have done yet another successful water treatment project. Harnessing Nature’s technology to get clean water to Africa in rural and urban areas. A new initiative, The Motsepe Foundation – African Rand Minerals have been generously providing water to poor rural and urban communities by purchasing water tanks [Jojos] and drilling of boreholes. …

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nitrous oxide abatement

NOx Nitrous Oxide Abatement

A carbon credit opportunity to investors It has been universally accepted that  the existence of man-made climate change is beyond doubt, and that there should be a global  system  of  emission  caps  and  carbon  emissions  trading  applying  to  both industrialised nations and developing countries.  The Kyoto Protocols have now been superseded with new and projected …

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laundry room

Ozone in industrial Laundries?

Save electricity by replacing heat or steam system with ozone cold water wash. Ozone in Industrial Laundries is the next technology marvel Because Ozone degrades rapidly after its functionality is complete, Ozone is generated on site and integrated with existing equipment in the laundry. Our Ozone generators produce Ozone by the corona discharge method which …

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Ozone in cold room storage

Ozone gas in cold rooms?

ISSUE Ozone in Cold room for fungus, mould, bacteria & ethylene control. It also neutralises Linuron carried over from herbicides. Using Ozone in Cold Storage dramatically reduces the potential for spreading germs from handling foods such as meats, fish, fruits and vegetables. Microorganisms such as bacteria, moulds and yeast that can grow in refrigerators, cause …

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ozone defeats corona

Ozone Gas defeats Corona Virus

Study suggests ozone is effective in disinfecting the coronavirus Sunday, 28 February 2021  Researchers from Tel Aviv University have demonstrated that ozone effectively that Ozone Gas defeats Corona and sanitizes surfaces against the virus after a short exposure to low concentrations of the gas. Most people recognize ozone as a thin layer of the Earth’s …

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sterizone non alcohol hand wash sanitiser

What is Sterizone?

Dangers of alcohol hand sanitisers & reasons not to use them. Continuous hand sanitising with alcohol-based sanitisers poisons your body through the skin https://www.pharmacytoday.org/article/S1042-0991(17)30602-3/pdf Your hand sanitiser might not be keeping you as safe as you think Dangers of alcohol hand sanitiser- Health Safety & Efficacy Safer and environmentally friendly, SteriZone Eco-Lyte NTL ( Anolyte) …

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people walking wearing masks to prevent covid-19

How does COVID 19 spread?

The coronavirus is mostly spread from person to person via small droplets from the nose or mouth, which are expelled when an infected person coughs, sneezes or speaks. KEY POINTS The findings from Australia’s national science agency, the CSIRO, appeared to show that SARS-CoV-2 can survive on surfaces for significantly longer than many had anticipated. …

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kill corona before corona kills you

Kill Corona Before It Kills You

Kill corona before it kills you. Ozone or UV sanitation, disinfection, sterilisation for indoor air, surfaces in the air and surfaces around you. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by recently discovered Corona Virus Request a solution from Biozone Manufacturing by emailing us at [email protected] Also read this article we published earlier. Modern day …

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airzone air purification deodorising and sanitising technologies

What is Airzone Air Purification?

Preventing COVID19 and swine flu, controlling tuberculosis, stopping sick building syndrome and deodorising and sanitising. Stay safe against COVID19. These are some of the benefits of the Airzone range provided by Biozone Manufacturing (Pty) Ltd. Over the past few months, you have been bombarded – sometimes unwillingly – with information about the Coronavirus, otherwise known …

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treating coronavirus infected laundry

Treating covid-infected laundry with an ozone washing machine

Introduction Treating coronavirus-infected laundry with a professional ozone washing system could have major implications for the future of infection control, according to new research. Studies The in-depth study carried out at De Montfort University Leicester (DMU) found that the OTEX washing system, which uses ozone (a highly reactive gas) to kill bacteria even at low …

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