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Water Purification

Kill Corona Before It Kills You

Kill corona before it kills you. Ozone or UV sanitation, disinfection, sterilisation for indoor air, surfaces in the air and surfaces around you. Coronavirus (COVID-19) is an infectious disease caused by recently discovered Corona Virus Request a solution from Biozone Manufacturing by emailing us at sales@biozone.co.za Also read this article we published earlier. Modern day …

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Ozone in the organic food industry

Ever wondered why fresh fruit and veges and even meat, especially overseas, appears to be bland and tasteless compared to home-grown food? Worried about chemicals and pesticides on your veges, fruit or meat…..or bugs in your processed food? You are not alone…hence the booming interest in organic food farming and processing. Any chemical free process …

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Ozone in Wine Industry

Of chief concern in the wine industry are cross-contamination between batches of wine and management of Brettanomyces (natural yeast), which spoils wine by rendering an off-flavour. In the past, standard sanitation practices included the use of chlorinated cleaners for sanitation of winery equipment followed by a citric acid rinse to neutralise the chlorine. Barrel sanitation …

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