Biozone Manufacturing

Meet the Home Ozone Generator Ozone Sanitising Box

Airzone Ozone sanitising box for ensuring safe decontamination of any products or documents. The Airzone Sanitising box uses Ozone gas to sanitise, disinfect and deodorise items of your choice.

  • Groceries,
  • Clothing, masks, face shields and goggles,
  • Documents and parcels,
  • Delivery orders,
  • School bag and lunch boxes,
  • Shoes,
  • Handbags, laptop bags, diaper bags,
  • and lunch bags.

The Airzone Home Ozone Generator can be used to pump Ozone gas for sanitisation, disinfection and deodorising for the following applications:

  • A cupboard to kill mould and deodorise,
  • Vehicle or room to remove smoke and other smells,
  • A fridge or freezer to sanitise and remove residual smells,
  • Sanitise and deodorise smelly shoes and gym bags,
  • Bathroom and kitchen cupboards,
  • Sanitise children’s toys and toy boxes.

The Airzone Home Generator can be used to produce ozonated water for:

  • Fresh tasting disinfected drinking water,
  • Washing cutlery and crockery,
  • Rinsing fresh vegetables or fruit to extend shelf life,
  • Killing surface bacteria on fresh food such as meat, chicken and prawns,
  • Oxidising residual pesticides on the surface of fresh fruit and vegetables,
  • Washing wounds as a salve,
  • Treating skin ailments such as eczema,
  • Sanitise children’s toys, brushes, toothbrushes, nappy / diaper bins.

Technical specifications

  • Voltage: AC 110-220V/50 Hz
  • Power: 15 W
  • Ozone Output 400 mg/hr
  • Count down manual 30-minute timer
  • 2 x silicon tubes (Green and clear)
  • 3 x diffuser air stones
  • Dimension of ozone generator: 190 x 280 x 70 mm
  • 1 x plastic box
  • 12-month warranty on factory defects