Biozone Manufacturing


The Application

Airzone specialises in the use of ozone treatment technology in commercial kitchen exhausts. By reducing grease deposits within the canopy and extract ductwork, ozone treatment can reduce fire risk. It also reduces the levels of odours experienced at the point of discharge, which is an important consideration for the busy inner city kitchen.

The Problem

The regular removal of grease from kitchen ducts is a significant recurring maintenance cost and, if not carried out regularly, poses a serious fire hazard. Airzone system uses UV lamps to produce just the right level of ozone to oxidise grease molecules in the exhaust.

However, too much ozone would result in discharge of ozone from the exhaust, which could be harmful to human health. Whilst the World Health Organisation sets a long term ozone exposure limit of <0.05ppm, Airzone sets its own maximum ozone discharge limit at just 0.04ppm, (that’s 40 parts per billion).

In addition, the amount of ozone required varies. Low amounts are needed during start up and low cooking loads, but large amounts are needed for periods of high cooking intensity, particularly when rich or spicy food is being cooked. Therefore close control of ozone is needed according to the stage of cooking cycle.

Setting up the system requires accurate measurement of discharged ozone. Repeatability is critical, as the readings are relied upon to establish the effects of different settings.