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Aquazone BioBubbler Water Tank Treatment

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● Bubble ozone gas in to a tank containing water through a diffuser stone
● To aerate and freshen stale water
● Kill e coli and other bacteria continuously
● Oxidise iron, manganese and tannins
● Oxidise Hydrogen sulphide (H2S)
● Remove smells

The Aquazone BioBubbler is a simple solution for water tank disinfection or oxidation of Iron, Manganese and tannins. Installation and maintenance requirements are minimal and are suited to DIY users with a technical aptitude. Weatherproof BioBubbler suitable for outdoor applications

Ozone generator in a Metal enclosure with internal air pump, 4m silicone tubing, float block and air stone.

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● Installation is a simple procedure whereby the ozone unit should be wall mounted close to the tank under cover and in a dry place. An ozone friendly mixing airstone is then connected to 4 metres of supplied silicon tubing to the generator.
● The polystyrene supplied float block must be positioned to maintain the airstone floating 80 cm from the water surface.
● An air pump in the enclosure will force atmospheric air through the ozone tube and then through the bubble stone which will be hanging in the tank.
● A timer on the unit will then allow the user to adjust the times for the ozone bubbling system to operate.


Standard, Weatherproof


2 Gram (1 on air), 4/2 Gram (2 on air), 7/3.5 Gram (3.5 on air), 10/5 Gram (5 on air), 20/10 gram (10 on air), 40/20 gram (20 on air)

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