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  • Ecoblaster

    Airzone Ecoblaster



    Airzone EcoBlaster for Fresh Food Storage in Cold rooms & Containers uses an internal air pump which pumps ozone to kill fungus, bacteria, mould, ethylene and Covid 19

    • Room air sanitation
    • Remove and control ethylene to slow down ripening on Fresh Veggies or Fruit
    • Deodorising of Container or Rooms
    • Ducting sanitation to prevent mould or bacteria growth
    • Vehicle deodorising
    • Garbage/ Refuse Areas
    • Cheese, salami, biltong curing areas
    • Feather rendering odour
    • Fat rendering odour
    • Smoking Areas
    • Control surface bacteria growth on any surface.

    This is a video to show how it works:


  • Airzone Giai Air Purifier


    Airzone Giai Air Purifier helps to prevent and stop cross contamination Covid, TB & flu viruses airborne pathogens.

    It uses hepa filtration and ionisation for continuous air treatment with optional ozone for post meeting sanitation and when the meeting room or reception area is vacant

    Watch how the Airzone Giai looks and works

    The Airzone Giai can be wall or desk mounted and uses HEPA filtration and ionising for removing air borne pathogens from the air that passes through the machine. What sets it apart from other air purifiers on offer is the Ozone function. Ozone is a chemical free effective oxidiser and disinfectant commonly used in water treatment. Ozone gas is known for its ability to kill airborne pathogens including viruses on surfaces.
    High levels of ozone in the air can be dangerous, especially for asthma or similar types of conditions which the visitor may have, therefore the ozone function would normally be deployed when the area in which it is situated is semi vacant or unoccupied and this will ensure sanitisation of the air and surfaces.

    The Airzone Air Giai can effectively remove Formaldehyde, Benzene and other contaminants. The appliance will  quickly remove smoke, cigarette
    smell and other odours. Ozone can kill viruses, bacteria and sterilise and purify air and surfaces.


  • Airzone Helios Ceiling Indoor Air Purifier


    The Airzone Helios Ceiling unit is positioned on the ceiling above populated areas and draws air from the room by means of a fan which then passes the air through a UV tube which nukes all airborne contaminants including Covid 19 and any airborne pathogens in a distance of 1,3m from the unit in a blanket of concentric circles (as per South African and International guidelines).

    • Reception areas
    • Hospital wards
    • TB isolation wards
    • Intensive care units
    • Microbiological labs
    • Medical suites
    • Food preparation areas
    • Overcrowded / high-occupancy areas
  • Airzone Hepa air purifier

    Airzone HEPA air purifier and ozoniser


    The Airzone HEPA Air Purifier with activated carbon and optional ozone can effectively remove 99.9% of all viruses including Covid, Flu and tuberculosis. It will also remove unhealthy other pollutants such as Formaldehyde, Benzene, and other contaminants. The Airzone HEPA Air Purifier quickly removes smoke, cigarette smell, and other odours.

    Activated carbon has special properties that allow it to remove volatile organic compounds (VOCs), odours and other gaseous pollutants from the air. It accomplishes this in a way that is different from other air purifiers like HEPA that only filter particle pollution from the air.  Carbon air filters trap gas molecules on a bed of charcoal, a process that has a surprisingly colourful history. The ozone function kills viruses, bacteria, and will sterilise and purify air and surfaces. 

    • Ioniser function
    • Carbon filtration
    • Ozone function
    • Highly efficient filtrate net for filtering dust, hair, etc.
    • Removes smoke odours in the room, from clothing, furnishings, and carpets
    • Kills bacteria, germs, viruses which are harmful to breathe, neutralising and removing microorganisms from the air and surface
    • Discourages dust mites, pet dander & cockroaches by killing the bacteria Enriches the air with oxygen and a healthy negative ion to improve the indoor air quality improving health and alertness.
  • Airzone Linear Striker Tube


    40W UVC linear tube fixture 220V

  • Airzone Odofree Air Sanitiser


    Airzone wall mounted ozone sanitiser (200mg/hr) with 4 timer settings for permanent ozone delivery.

    • Application: Homes, offices, smoking areas, restaurants, hotels rooms, public toilets, reception areas, boardrooms, doctors rooms.
    • Oxidises micro-organisms and contaminants that cause bad odours and removes them permanently.
    • Remove smoke odours in the room or from clothing, furnishings and carpets.
    • Neutralise and remove micro-organisms in the air and surfaces in toilets and kitchens.
    • Recommended use in offices, kitchens and bathrooms, pubs and restaurants, doctors’ waiting rooms, boardrooms and bedrooms, caravans, boats
    • Video showing Airzone OdoFree
  • Airzone OdoGo 500


    Airzone OdoGo 500. Portable stainless-steel enclosure with ozone distribution by fan (25m2).

    Application: Hotel rooms, B&B rooms, newly painted rooms, fire and flood damage restoration, abattoir, refuse and kitchen areas, sheds, garage, container decontamination, hospital, surgery an ward sanitisation, cold rooms, air con ducting systems, vehicle deodorising, night clubs, restaurants and pubs.

  • Airzone PathOgo


    Airzone PathOgo 100 portable ozone generator with timer (100m2).

    Application: Hotel rooms, B&B rooms, newly painted rooms, fire and flood damage restoration, abattoir, refuse and kitchen areas, sheds, garage, container decontamination, hospital, surgery and ward sanitation, cold rooms, air ducting systems, vehicle deodorising, night clubs, restaurants and pubs.


  • Airzone Striker Corn Light Eyebolt Base


    Eyebolt base for UVC Stiker Corn lamp

  • Airzone UV Striker Corn Light


    60W UVC lamp 220V

    More information about the product:

  • air-dryer

    Aquazone Air Dryer and Flow Meter


    Optional silica gel air driers and 0 to 10 lpm flow meters

  • Aquazone Basic


    Basic ozone generator in a metal enclosure with internal air pump, cooling fans and fuse, 4 meters silicone tubing.

  • Aquazone Ozone Generator

    Aquazone Basic X


    Aquazone Ozone Generators from 1 to 40 grams on air can be applied to venturi or diffuser systems for efficient introduction of ozone gas in to water for disinfection or oxidation.

    The Aquazone Advanced Ozone generator is easy to operate and combines compact construction with effective ozone production.
    High quality materials as well as careful processing and assembling of the individual elements provides for a device of reliable operation and long service life.

    An internal air pump and cooling fans are included in the metal enclosure. Single stage air drier of 18 or 32 cms length (for 5 grams and above) are optional with the units.

  • Aquazone BioBubbler Water Tank Treatment


    ● Bubble ozone gas in to a tank containing water through a diffuser stone
    ● To aerate and freshen stale water
    ● Kill e coli and other bacteria continuously
    ● Oxidise iron, manganese and tannins
    ● Oxidise Hydrogen sulphide (H2S)
    ● Remove smells

    The Aquazone BioBubbler is a simple solution for water tank disinfection or oxidation of Iron, Manganese and tannins. Installation and maintenance requirements are minimal and are suited to DIY users with a technical aptitude. Weatherproof BioBubbler suitable for outdoor applications

    Ozone generator in a Metal enclosure with internal air pump, 4m silicone tubing, float block and air stone.

  • Aquazone Home Ozone

    Aquazone Home Ozone Generator


    Video of where an how you can use the Home Ozone Generator


    • ●  Kill microorganisms
    • ●  Kill bacteria
    • ●  Kills most Coliform and staphylococcus in the air
    • ●  Kills coliform and staphylococcus aureus on the surface of objects
    • ●  Kills coliform and staphylococcus and salmonella in the phosphate alleviant
    • ●  Kills coliform in water
    • ●  Kills bacteria spores
    • ●  Kills Brevibacterium spores
    • ●  High ability in killing bacteria in the air but not bacteria spores
    • ●  Kills 99.999% of brevibacterium spores in the water
    • ●  Kills viruses
    • ●  Destroys 99.99% of HBsAG and 100% of HAAg
    • ●  Destroys Influenzas Virus in the air
    • ●  Destroys PV 1 and Hepatitis A virus in the water
    • ●  Destroys SA-11 in water
    • ●  When the concentration of ozone in the blood serum reaches to 4mg/l it will destroy the

      HIV at 106cd50/ml

    • ●  Kills 100% of aspergillus versicolor and penicillium
    • ●  Kills 100% of Aspergillus niger, fusarium f.sp. mwlonogea and fusarium oxysporum

      f.sp. lycopersici

    • ●  Kills aspergillus niger and candida bacteria
    • ●  Kills parasitic protozoa
    • ●  Kills parasitic protozoa and its egg efficiently
    • ●  Neutralise smoke and toilet smells
    • ●  Remove paint smells
  • Aquazone Home Ozone Generator 1 Ozone Sanitising Box (400mg/hr)


    The Airzone Home Ozone Generator can be used to pump Ozone gas for sanitisation, disinfection and deodorising in the box and for the following applications:

    • Groceries
    • Clothing, masks, face shields and goggles
    • Documents and parcels
    • Delivery orders
    • School bag and lunch boxes
    • Shoes
    • Handbags, laptop bags, diaper bags lunch bags

    The Airzone Home Ozone Generator can be used to pump Ozone gas for sanitisation, disinfection and deodorising for the following applications:

    • A cupboard to kill mould and deodorise
    • Vehicle or room to remove smoke and other smells
    • A fridge or freezer to sanitise and remove residual smells
    • Sanitise and deodorise smelly shoes and gym bags
    • Bathroom and kitchen cupboards Sanitise children’s toys and toy boxes

    The Airzone Home Generator can be used to produce ozonated water for:

    • Fresh tasting disinfected drinking water
    • Washing cutlery and crockery
    • Rinsing fresh vegetables or fruit to extend shelf life
    • Killing surface bacteria on fresh food such as meat, chicken and prawns
    • Oxidising residual pesticides on the surface of fresh fruit and vegetables
    • Washing wounds as a salve
    • Treating skin ailments such as eczema
    • Sanitise children’s toys, brushes, toothbrushes, nappy / diaper bins