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Ozone: Mother Nature's Miracle Purifier

Ozone gas generated at ground level, when introduced in to the air or water, has the most incredible sterilising, sanitation, oxidising and disinfection properties. Stronger and quicker than chlorine, it leaves no harmful residues or contaminants that will harm the environment.

GetOzone Aquazone Water Products

Aquazone Water Purifiers and Bottle fill systems.

GetOzone Spa Bath Mat

Convert your bath in to a Jacuzzi with all of the therapy benefits

Biozone UV Airconditioning Intercooler Fungus & Mould Prevention

Every building with an air conditioner should have Airzone UV protection to stop inhabitants from contracting an airborne pathogen or virus from other occupants.

Ozone Generators How is it made & where can we use it

Aquazone and Airzone Ozone applications in air and water situations

UV effect against COVID19

UV can be used in unoccupied areas for complete decontamination of indoor air and surfaces.

Using UVGI in indoor areas for indoor air treatment

How Airzone UV Systems purify the indoor air around us...

Airzone indoor air quality

A very important way to prevent yourself from contracting the Covid 19 virus from a person in the same room as you would be purify that air before it gets to you...Hence the Airzone Giai and OdoFree indoor air sanitisers.

Protect yourself from catching the Covid 19 virus with Airzone Giai

Airzone Ozone8 Public Transport Decontamination

Corona Covid 19 Virus The Obvious Perspective

Airzone Giai Air Purifier & Sanitiser

Corona Covid 19 Virus The Obvious Perspective

Airzone OdoFresh Air Cleaner

Washroom, toilets hygiene control, smell remover in garbage and smoke areas. Freshen up stale and musty rooms.